Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blog Entry #10

Final Blog

      Before entering this class I had not read any of the Hunger Games books and I was not sure what to expect. I enjoyed this class and I especially enjoyed reading the books because they were great books and very interesting to read. This SIS class related The Hunger Games trilogy to a variety of different topics and disciplines, requiring the students to think outside the box and truly analyze the books.
      This semester we related The Hunger Games to many different disciplines such as dystopian literature, gender roles, philosophy, religion and reality television. From simply reading the books I would not have been able to make all of these connections on my own. The most interesting guest speaker in my opinion was Dr. Raley and her lecture on gender roles. I found it very interesting to analyze gender roles in today's society and compare them to the roles each of the main characters play in The Hunger Games. After analysis of the characters, it is clear that Peeta and Katniss play almost reversed gender roles; Katniss being the protector and caretaker while Peeta is the sensitive and romantic type. Relating The Hunger Games to reality television was also interesting because I would have never made that connection from simply reading the books. Once it had been pointed out to me I began to realize how many similarities there are between the two. Although it is voluntary, some reality television shows torture their contestants as well, just like the Gamemakers do in The Hunger Games. I also really enjoyed listening to Mr. Rubin Sztajer speak about his experience during the Holocaust. It is not rare that one receive an opportunity to listen to an individual who has had first hand experience in Nazi Germany and the concentration camps. Of course one cannot compare his experiences in the concentration camps to a fiction Hunger Games, but it was still interesting to hear about and realize that people can be treated as cruelly as President Snow treats the citizens of the Districts of Panem.

     I thought that this class was challenging because sometimes it is hard to see the connections between The Hunger Games and the various other disciplines and topics. One must truly analyze the books in order to find these connections. I feel that I read each book in depth and that I was able to fully understand the main points and details of each of the books. It is imperative to see how important Katniss is as at the Mockingjay and how her role is developed throughout her actions in each of the three books. Listening to the guest speakers and discussing the books in class helped me understand the connections better and ultimately made it easier to write my blog at the end of the week.
     Overall I believe that this was an interesting class and it was able to help me realize how similar our society may actually be to The Hunger Games. Without this class I would have never made these connections and thought about the books in this manner.

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