Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blog Reflection - In Class

     The blogs of my classmates are interesting to view and read their entries each week. Both Haley and Jamie have great thoughts incorporated into their posts and they contain many pictures to make the blogs more appealing to the human eye. Haley's blog consists of "flip cards" in which the viewer may click on a picture in order to open a certain blog. Once the viewer chooses a picture/blog entry, it pops up onto the screen for us to read. Haley's blogs are also very informational and contain a lot of detail on each of the topics. It is clear that she spent a lot of time on her blogs and put a great deal of effort into them. Jamie's blog is also interesting, containing a yellow background that catches the reader's eye. It is very colorful and contains many pictures that correlate to her thoughts in each of the blogs. Blog entry #3 even contains an animated picture, which is interesting. Jamie's thoughts are interesting to read about and her ideas are very clear and to the point. I believe that both of my classmates have created very nice blogs that are appealing to they eye and have wonderful thoughts and detail.

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