Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blog Entry #1

      Before I signed up for this class I had only seen the first two movies (Hunger Games and Catching Fire), which I happened to enjoy very much. I have always wanted to read the books but I have never had enough time to actually do so. I chose this class because of how much I liked the movies and I knew that if I registered for the class, I would have to read the books as well. After finishing the first book in just three days, I realized how much I enjoyed reading the Hunger Games and I could not wait to start Catching Fire. Peeta's character was one of my personal favorites due to his commitment and eagerness to protect Katniss. I am only halfway through Catching Fire and I am excited to see how the next Hunger Games unfolds and where it takes Peeta and Katniss' relationship.
        In the first book Peeta's feelings toward Katniss were real; however the case was not the same for Katniss. Peeta risked his life in the games in order to protect her. For example, Peeta teamed up with the careers for a while so he could watch out for Katniss and make sure that they didn't hurt/kill her. When Katniss dropped the tracker jacker nest on the careers and tried to steal the dead girl's bow and arrows, Peeta came back and told her to run away, which may have ultimately saved her life. Although Katniss repays Peeta by taking care of him when his leg is wounded and going to the feast to get his medicine, it is all only a show for the audience. Peeta's feelings for Katniss are real, and at the end of the games when they are on the train back to District 12, Peeta realizes that Katniss' love for him was all an act. Peeta always admired Katniss from the moment he suffered a beating from his mother in order to give the poor starving girl two loaves of bread. In the next two books I would like to see Katniss care for Peeta the way he cared for her at the first games.
        I am glad that I was able to register for a spot in this class because so far I am enjoying the books and I am excited to read more. I find that the books are very easy to read since I am always looking to find out what is going to happen next. I think it will be very interesting to analyze the character's and their actions, and relate the books to events in history, as well as real life scenarios.

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